Jeep Factory Build Sheet

The Jeep build sheet contains vital information about your vehicle that can help you determine its original specifications. Some used car buyers and collectors require it to determine if it underwent any modifications, especially since most owners love to upgrade their Jeep. Although some of these modifications are quite obvious, others aren’t, so it’s best to know how you can get your Jeep’s build sheet.

The build sheet verifies everything installed in your Jeep unit when it came out of the factory. It will also report how many of that particular model was released in the market. Specifically, this is a piece of paper that vehicle builders have on hand while assembling a particular Jeep model. It details the specific components, through codes or numbers, that they need to put in the unit and where to put them. With this sheet, the workers have detailed instructions to follow, preventing or minimizing mistakes while assembling the car or installing each component.

So, how to get your Jeep build sheet? Getting your Jeep’s factory build sheet will depend on the unit’s year model, before or after 1998. One is through our simple form using the vehicle’s VIN, while the other is by contacting Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the manufacturer.

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