Our Story – “Just Dads camping with our kids…”

This is how the conversation started one evening while camping on Catalina Island with our boys many years ago. We were just a dads camping with our kids, taking part in the YMCA Adventure Guides program.

We loved to camp, loved to cook and mostly loved to share adventures with our boys and with each other, and this small group of “dads camping” led to the mission and vision behind CampDads Adventure Company.

Fast forward 8 years, CampDads has hung around the fringes of the YMCA program, providing meals, rocket launches and other logistics and planning for many tribes in many nations. During this time we have also made new friends, had new adventures and have branched out quite a bit, trying to find out if CampDads was something that we could make a go of as a profitable business.

Here we are, slightly profitable over the years launching rockets and other activities, standing on the precipice of another adventure. As we’ve re-focused and formed a strategic plan for growth in numbers and services, we are ready to share our adventures with locals and tourists alike. Now we are just dads camping with our kids and new friends we haven’t met yet.

CampDads has been led part-time by owner/operator Jeremy Edmiston since its inception in 2012. Running a software development company since 2009, he has been afforded both the time and resources to explore the southwest region with his family and friends. From the Oregon coast to the mountains of Colorado to the Baja Peninsula, Jeremy has built up a reputation as man of adventure and character.

Our Mission: Think Outside

Our mission is to make outdoor adventures accessible and affordable for all. By providing experiences,  equipment, and expertise, we provide the traveler and local alike the opportunity to escape the city for the day, weekend, or week.

Our Vision: Enlarge our Tent

As we gain traction in Southern California, we seek to expand our reach beyond local terrain. We will continue to use technology in new and meaningful ways to keep people connected with each other and the great outdoors.

Guiding Principles: Leave no Trace

Although Leave No Trace has its roots in back country settings, the Principles have been adapted so that they can be applied anywhere — from remote wilderness areas, to local parks and even in your own backyard.

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