Discover new trails and old places with our Guided 4×4/Overland Adventures!

Join an experienced and professional guide to explore the beautiful scenery and trails that the Southwest has to offer. A selection of Overland 4×4 adventures are available throughout the Southwestern United States.

We know the people, places, and secret spots that make for an unforgettable experience.

Trail difficulty ranges from easy to extreme and are noted accordingly. Some trips will be point-to-point (overland) and others will have a base camp set. No one gets left behind as we only take small groups of vehicles on our guided adventures.

Our trips are aimed at adventurous groups, families and individuals. 

We always keep an eye on the group and your vehicle, ensuring safety at each climb or turn.

We go off-road for many reasons. One is the challenge of traveling tough terrain armed with driving skill and the mechanical capabilities offered by a 4×4’s power and traction. Another is to experience the scenic beauty of areas of the country not accessible by car and difficult to reach by foot or other means.

Like any back-country activity, four-wheeling requires a certain amount of preparation before you hit the trail. Each adventure will have information about the following:

  • Recommended Vehicle Equipment
  • Weather and Trail Conditions
  • What to Pack (including how much water)
  • Local Permits that may be required
  • Closures due to weather, fire and so on

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