Brushy Creek Basecamp

Current Office hours: Monday-Friday 9a-12p / 2p-6p
Jeremy’s Cell: 619-306-4242

Camp, Wheel, Chill

That is our motto here at CampDads and we are striving to make our Basecamp facility the hub for a diverse set of activities. Over the next 6 months, our facility will include indoor and outdoor gathering spaces available for public use, pump/flow bike track, low ropes confidence course including multiple obstacles and zip-lines, and a small 4×4 training area.

Please check back for updates and watch our progress as you pass by our facility!

Student Parking

Our parking lot supports 80 vehicles. We are working to improve safety and the flow of traffic in the parking area.

Please park in designated spots. Parking incorrectly does not leave room for all paid parking registrations. Please be courteous and mindful.

Parking permits will be available online soon, and will be license plate based, tags will not be required.

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