Experience the thrill of driving some of our favorite off-road trails!

An Experience Like No Other. Enjoy the great outdoors while developing off-road skills to tackle the most extreme terrain. Drive one of our 4×4 vehicles and enjoy one-to-one guidance.

Get behind the wheel and follow us!

Whether you’ve never driven off-road or are a seasoned pro, you’ll quickly build confidence, refine your techniques, have fun along the way and create memories.

Your opportunity to get behind the wheel of our 4×4 vehicles and head off road for an exciting, challenging drive in the mountains or desert just outside San Diego.

Available trails for this experience

Our guides have been tackling the local mountain and desert trails for years to determine the best suited for sharing with others. Here is our favorite that we can explore in just a few hours.

Border Mountain Trail

From this rolling, rumpled peak encompassed in the Otay Wilderness, you will enjoy some of the best bi-national views peering as far as 115 miles north into the United States and nearly as far into Mexico. Few places in the U.S. can you attain such a complete view of Tijuana.


Leave the city and beaches behind as you climb the rugged terrain of San Diego’s mountain ranges or wind through the trails of Cleveland National Forest.

We will navigate high, steep climbs and heart-pounding descents, while taking in some of the most beautiful country around, all with the feeling of confidence and safety.

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