Learn the basics of 4×4 driving, navigation & recovery from pros

Our training workshops are geared towards the novice off-roader, but even seasoned veterans could use a refresher. Workshops cover the basics of 4×4 vehicles, how to operate safely on various terrain and how to get unstuck from bad situations.

Join us for a full day of instruction to boost your confidence in getting home safely each time you wheel your 4×4.

You need a stock SUV or 4WD vehicle with 4 low range capability.

If you do not have a 4WD vehicle but wish to participate, we have rentals available for an additional cost.

Explore with confidence and experience the capability of your 4×4 on diverse terrain while under the watchful instruction of our guides and instructors.

Available workshops & dates

Our workshops are offered quarterly and run a full day. Trainings can be booked separately or save by bundling both the basic and advanced workshops for the same weekend.

Off-Road Basics

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the needs of novice off-highway drivers or someone with a bit of experience who is looking for a more complete understanding. In the class we will cover basic information about 4WD vehicles and how to operate safely on various terrain.

March 13

June 12

September 11

December 11

Off-Road Advanced

This clinic is designed to meet the needs of the novice who has completed the Off-Road Basics workshop and is looking for more behind-the-wheel 4 Wheel Drive experience. The class is an extension of the last 4 hours of the Basics workshop to provide more driving experience. Off-Road Basics is a prerequisite for this workshop.

March 14

June 13

September 12

December 12

Off-Road Training Workshop



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Off-Road Basics will cover a lot of safety and environmental concerns. But the largest part of the class is driving technique to get you through a variety of terrain. A handout of the material covered is provided. Here is a list of items we will cover: Off Road Vehicles, How 4WD Works, Driving Technique, Safety, Pre Run Check, Survival & Peace of Mind Kits, Options & Accessories, Overview of options for getting unstuck, Post Trip maintenance, Trail Etiquette & Tread Lightly.

The class will answer these questions and many more questions:

  • How do you avoid damage to an expensive vehicle?
  • What is the critical difference you need to understand about operation of 4WD systems?
  • What do you need to avoid, when descending a steep Hill?
  • What impact does an automatic transmission have on off-road driving?
  • How can you improve your traction by 250%?
  • How deep can you safely cross water?
  • What is the most important safety item you can bring?
  • What are 10 ways to effect vehicle recovery?

Off-Road Advanced will start with a quick refresher on safety followed by a practice session on tire placement and picking lines on the easy terrain. As the day progresses, we will tackle more challenging 4×4 obstacles, working our way up to more difficult obstacles. However, this is intended to be an advanced 4WD clinic for beginners, novices and rookies and not an extreme 4WD challenge. The terrain varies with the clinic Location. We will take advantage of the terrain available in each location.

You need a stock SUV or 4WD vehicle with 4 low range capability. All wheel drive vehicles that do not have a 2 speed transfer case are not appropriate for the class. Examples of vehicles that are not appropriate for the class include Subaru Forester, Audi Q7 and the Honda Ridgeline.

If you do not have a 4WD vehicle but wish to participate, we have rentals available for an additional cost.