Youth Rocketry Camp

$200 (5 day session 1-5p)
OutdoorsSocially DistancedCOVID Compliant

We will enter the world of rocket science and flight with interactive sessions designed for grades 3-5. Youth can “reach for the sky” with fun, hands-on aerospace and engineering activities.

Students will build, test and launch their own rockets using a variety of fuels. The best part: students will take their rockets at the end of the week along with a launch kit for continued exploration at home.

Blast off for a week of adventures in aerospace, learning the basics of design, propulsion and telemetry!
Our camp sessions run 5 days from 1-5p at MacArthur Park in La Mesa.

Students perform simple science experiments to learn how rockets work and demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion. They will predict the motion of a rocket, perform experiments to verify and repeat the experiments to validate the results.

Program at-at-glance

We have distilled our 6-week after school program down to 5 exciting days of aerospace activities that are sure to be a hit with your student.

Day 1

General Rocketry / Forces of Flight

Students will learn basic principles of rocket design and systems, and build their very own launch vehicle.

Day 2

Air/Water Propulsion

What happens when we put compressed air and water inside our launch vehicles? They go up with a splash!

Day 3

Liquid Gas Propulsion

We are stepping up propulsion systems and launching our rockets with liquid/gaseous fuel – sure to be bang!

Day 4

Solid Fuel Propulsion

After testing other propulsion systems, we will be launching with solid fuel engines, blasting our launch vehicles to new heights!

Day 5

Telemetry and Recovery

We will test the aerodynamic principles of various launch vehicles with our own game of “Will it Fly”, while learning about flight path and vehicle recovery.

Rocket Camp Fall 2020



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T-Shirt for campers included!