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Southwest Rocklander Adventure
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The southwest has so many varied terrains, stunning vistas and many trails that would take weeks and even months to explore. We will be condensing this into a 6-day adventure that will check off some of the major spots and give a glimpse of the beauty that awaits just outside California. We'll start with camping in Sedona, AZ and after a quick run through local trails, we'll depart towards Ouray, CO. While in Colorado, we'll run the scenic Alpine Loop, tackle Black Bear Pass and enjoy some fine craft breweries along the way. From Telluride, we'll make our way west to Moab where we'll spend a whole day on trails, taking on some of the more iconic trails and possibly working up the courage for something a little more difficult. By the end of our day in Moab, we'll have had our fill of trails and views, as one can only take so much in, and the last day will be a travel day back to San Diego from Moab.

Thursday, 9/10
0800 Depart Rally Point
1600 Arrive Sedona, take a refreshing dip in Oak Creek
1900 Arrive at camp - Schnebly Hill Overlook

Friday, 9/11
0800 Depart camp - Run Broken Arrow Trail
1100 Lunch @ Oak Creek Brewing
1200 Depart Sedona
1900 Dinner @ Silverton Brewing
2000 Arrive at camp - Anvil Campground

Saturday, 9/12
0800 Depart camp - Run Alpine Loop
1200 Lunch @ Lake City Brewing
1600 Arrive at camp - Camp Bird

Sunday, 9/13
0800 Depart camp - Run Black Bear Pass
1200 Lunch @ Telluride Brewing
1600 Arrive in Moab
1700 Dinner @ Moab Brewery
1800 Arrive at camp - Sand Flats

Monday, 9/14
0800 Depart camp - Run Trails
1800 Arrive at camp - TBD

Tuesday, 9/15
0800 Depart camp - Travel home
1300 Lunch @ Silver Reef Brewing - St. George
2000 Arrive home